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JoeBelle is a musical group comprised of family members, carrying on a legacy of music that has spanned numerous generations. JoeBelle is a combination of our shared grandparents, Joe and Belle. All of our collective musical endeavors are inspired by their encouragement throughout our youth as we grew up under them. They taught our parents the virtues of faith, strength, respect, honesty and spirituality through living life with a purposeful intent; one of the byproducts of their passed on lineage involved the tremendous healing power of music.

Since their passing, it has been our mission to share our gifts and talents with all of you in an effort to give you a look and listen into the great music that they passed on to us--we use our own individuality and influences to combine it into what you'll hear--the soundtrack of our lives.  We honor their memory and do our best to continue the legacy. 

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IF you're not fully invested in yourself or truly believe in your craft, how do you expect anyone else to.